"Hummingbird" is a virtual reality project made in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) and Chicago’s Tony Award-winning Goodman Theatre. This interactive experience examines the potential to reimagine theatrical storytelling by bridging art, science, and live theater. For this project, I was tasked with creating a bridge between physical space, and digital space to further immerse VR participants. This included (5) laboratory screens, various posters that lived within the "Hummingbird" world, and door and floor sinage. Visit the official website

"Hummingbird" - a collaboration between UIC x Goodman Theater

Actor Stephanie Shum plays Aya in the “Hummingbird” workshop performance

Exhibition "laboratory" screens video reel

VR theatre set up

Posters within exhibition halls

Left - Door warning signs & Right - Floor decals

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